Hello, and welcome to the world of Studio Kavall!

I am Åsa, the illustrator behind Studio Kavall. I grew up in the north of Sweden with nature on my doorstep and a dad who loved climbing mountains, building igloos in the garden, skiing, and doing all sorts of outdoorsy activities. While he made me appreciate nature, it was my older sister Malin who revealed the magical world of drawing to me, and I was hooked. Here I could create my own imaginary worlds, characters and stories!

After many years of working as both as a freelance illustrator and an in-house designer, I wanted a creative outlet that was mine, where I could create the kind of playful and whimsical work that appeals to me. So in March 2020 during the London lockdown, Studio Kavall was born.

Studio Kavall is a London based design studio with a passion for happy, playful illustration working with print, packaging design, products and branding.

If you have any questions, or just would like to say hello then please don't hesitate to get in touch,

Åsa / Studio Kavall