Work in process; the beautiful world of moths

I have a slight obsession with printed and illustrated charts. Charts with mushrooms, birds, sharks, corals, cactuses - all sorts of charts! And then I thought, why don't I make some of my own? Said and done, I am now working on two new charts and first out is moths. There are so many incredible and fascinating moths out there and for this project I have decide to not focus on a region or a country, but have just selected some moths that fascinates me and that I find beautiful.

Sketching moths for new illustrated moth art print chart by Studio Kavall

For this project I have decided to not work with digital illustration as I would like the moths to have a more hand drawn feel, so instead I am drawing all the moths by hand and is then colouring them in digitally. Here's a little sneak peek into the project, I hope you will like it!

Illustrated moths for new moth chart wall art by Studio Kavall


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