Sneak Peek: A Seat At The Table

Interview Studio Kavall and Tracy Kiryango

I am very, very uncomfortable in front of cameras but when film maker Tracy Kiryango asked if I would like to take part in her up coming documentary series, "A seat at the table", and it's theme, I couldn't say no. As a fan of her work I feel honoured about that she wanted to include me and hear about my journey and some of the challenges I have faced on the way. The challenges we face, the lessons we learn on the way and how we find the strength to keep fighting and not giving up is what I find interesting. We discussed how diverse the UK creative industry will be if it will only be accessible for a privileged few, my journey to becoming an illustrator & designer, - and much more, to be continued.

Studio Kavall interview for A Seat at the table by Tracy K

Thank you Tracy for asking me to take part!


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